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Woofstay is a mobile and web app platform where pet owners can easily find and book stays with a network of trusted and certified pet boarding facilities worldwide. This innovative service, akin to popular accommodation sites like, offers a seamless experience for both pet owners and pet boarding businesses. With no competitors in the market, Woofstay's unique concept is set to redefine how pet boarding services are discovered and reserved, promising to enhance the overall experience for pet owners and boarding facilities alike.

Our journey begin mid 2022, when Woofstay Founder & CEO Ben Lewis missed out on booking his 2 pooches (Ted & Candy) into their local boarding kennel for the Christmas holidays. After spending hours googling alternative pet boarding properties, it became apparent there was no easy way to search and book pet boarding stays online. Fast forward 18 months, and Woofstay is the go to destination for pet owners to easily book pets stays and services nearby or in faraway places. 

By investing in technology that helps take the friction out of booking pet stays, Woofstay seamlessly connects pet owners with incredible places for pets to stay – from kennels to catteries, pet resorts and more. Our service is backed by a 24/7 customer support team, offering peace of mind when booking your next pet stay.

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